ZENITSU giveaway 2-08


  • I used to make artisan keycaps as a hobby and sell them online.
  • But I found out I can share this craft of mine with you guys too.
  • My specialties? Anime based artisan keycaps, game characters (Valorant & Genshin Impact) and custom dog keycaps because who doesn’t love to have their doggos on their keeb?
  • Our artisan keycaps are sculpted individually per keycap using clay.
  • We then add a glaze on top to protect the keycaps (glossy or matte glaze).
  • Each keycap would go in the oven multiple times as my sculpts are usually complicated so they consist of many layers. 
  • Each keycap would then be cleaned thoroughly before glazing.


  • I designed these magnetic trays¬† from scratch to hold your keyboard screws.
  • They are magnets embedded in the trays to keep your screws in place.
  • They are compact and small because… how big can keyboard screws get?
  • 3 compartments to help organise your screws.
  • A small notch at the side of the tray to hold your brush (when you are lubing your stabilisers).
  • The magnets can hold your switch springs as well.
  • Comes in fun colours.
  • Each tray is unique as they are hand poured so you will not have the exact patterns / swirls.


  • I bring my keyboard to and back from office everyday and I’m afraid of scratching them if I just throw them in my backpack.
  • I also do not want to bring hard carry cases for my keyboard because they are too bulky.
  • So, I’ve designed these sleeves which are lightly padded for scratch protection in the backpack (not for drop protection).
  • There’s an external pocket to carry your accessories (cables, thumbdrive, phones, may even fit your macropad).
  • Sewn at home (not mass manufactured).
  • Drawstrings are tied using paracords (add some pop of colours).
  • Drawstring keeps your keyboard from sliding out.
  • The flap make sure nothing gets into the keyboard area and keep the accessories in the external pocket from falling out.
  • Comes in many fabrics and sizes.

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