[Ready Stock] L size Mechanical Keyboard Sleeve – Watercolour Feather + Turquoise



  • Main Body + Pocket: Watercolour Feather
  • Flap: Turquoise


Interior Sleeve measurement:

  • width: 17.5cm
  • height: 42.5cm
  • bottom thickness: 5cm

Pocket measurement:

  • width: 13.1cm
  • height: 27.4cm

(size varies ~1cm as they are handmade)


L size sleeve is made to fit keyboards up to TKL / 75% size. It fits the Bear 65 v2 (Jackylab), Thermal SEQ2 (Rama Works), Akko Alice Plus, Typ 65+, Piggy 60% (Jackylab), Portico 75 and GMMK Pro with wiggle room. Do check the measurement of your keyboard before purchasing.

Take note that although the sleeve may be longer than the keyboard, when the drawstring is pulled, the height of the sleeve will reduce. You can adjust how tight you draw your drawstring. Should your keyboard be the same height as the sleeve, you can use the flap closure and not the drawstring.

Most phones (including my iPhone 13 and Samsung Note 10+ can fit in this exterior pocket). You can also fit your keyboard cable in this pocket.

When in doubt, PM me on Instagram (ThreadyKeycaps) or purchase a bigger size.


This sleeve is lined with 2 layers of soft and thin cushion. The purpose of the cushion is NOT to protect your keyboard from DROP PROTECTION. It is to protect your keyboard from scratches when you place your keyboard in your bag.

The sleeve remains slim so that it does not bulk up your everyday carry backpack, however it is thick enough to protect your keyboard from the evils in your backpack.


This sleeve has a drawstring closure and a flap closure.

The drawstring closure keeps the keyboard secure in the sleeve. It avoids the keyboard from flying out if the sleeve is being swung with force as the magnetic flap closure may not hold the weight of your heavy keyboard.

The flap closure acts as a secondary closure as drawstring closures may not close all the way and leave a small gap. The flap helps to protect your keyboard from any small crumbs which may enter this hole to scratch your keyboard.

The flap closure also overlaps with the exterior pocket. Therefore, it helps keep any accessories in the pocket from falling out.


The drawstring closure is hand knotted with paracords. Micro paracords are used at the ends of the drawstring for some pop of colors.


The sleeve comes with a handle at the top so that it would be easy for you to pull the sleeve out of your backpack.

The handle is stitch-locked and secured multiple times. If your keyboard is light (plastic case), the handle should have no issue supporting the weight of your keyboard.

However, for those with super heavy metal keyboards, it is not advisable to continuously strain the handle.

*Colors may differ from photos due to different screen settings*


  • We ship from Malaysia.
  • Ready stock sleeves will be shipped out within 1 week.
  • It takes approximately 3 weeks to a month for international parcels to arrive at their destination.
  • Due to the thickness of the keyboard padding and the size of the postal package, we will have to fold up the sleeve and have minimal aesthetic packaging. However, this would help save shipping cost so that you can buy more goodies for your keyboards.

Message me on Instagram if you have any queries: https://www.instagram.com/threadykeycaps/





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